November 25, 2020
How Can We Check Pregnancy at Home4

How Can We Check Pregnancy at Home?

If you feel that you are pregnant, then there are so many simple ways available to find out the result. When it comes to taking a pregnancy test, you can go to the hospital to have a blood or urine test. But still, most of the women’s prefer to do from the comfort of their home. Fortunately, there is lots of dependable best pregnancy test for early detection that are very easy as well as cheap to use. The home pregnancy tests are specially designed to scan your urine for the existence of hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin, i.e. HCG. It is basically a hormone in which your body only generates just the once an embryo that has fixed in your uterus.

The home pregnancy tests can usually calculate the tiny quantity of hormones in which the body generates, when the fertilized egg is fixing and starting to develop. More specifically, they consist of antibodies that can select up the existence of HCG in pee. Generally, there are dual forms of HCG essential in early pregnancy. The foremost HCG is a hormone that mainly responsible for creating a mechanism, by which the placenta provides enough nutrients to the fetus. The second HCG is hyperglycosylated, which can be a complete unique one and also unrelated molecule. During early pregnancy, these two HCGs may vary while they are existence in pee.

Lists of best pregnancy test for early detection

With the enhancement of medicine, now you can have loads of options in the form of readily obtainable pregnancy kits. There are so many safe, easy and super inexpensive options available exact in the comfort of your homes. With these options, you can find the best pregnancy test for early detection and retain the secrecy for a certain time. Here are the lists of some best ways to test pregnancy for early detection in home naturally that includes:

Home pregnancy test with sugar

Generally, sugar is a common ingredient that often found in each kitchen cabinet. The sugar can be often used to test the pregnancy at home. However, taking pregnancy test using sugar is very simple to do and identify. You can perform this by just placing a tiny quantity of sugar in a plastic cup and then add morning urine sample to this cup and watch the similar for chemical reaction.

Test results

Positive- If sugar clusters are figured in a cup, it might be viewed as a positive result of your pregnancy test.

Negative- If sugar gets dissolved, then the result is negative.

How Can We Check Pregnancy at Home

Home pregnancy test with salt

The salt pregnancy test is often considered as one of the most reliable and the pregnancy test for early detection at home. Its procedure is very easy. You can take a fresh sample of morning urine in a bowl and add a tiny amount of salt onto this sample and then watch the changes in that mix.

Test results

Positive- If urine sample turns into a cheesy and milky solution, then it is positive.

Negative- If there is no changes in salt mix urine, then it is negative.

Shampoo pregnancy test

By using shampoo, you can simply conduct this pregnancy test at home as efficient and simple as possible. Gather a sample urine of morning in a clean bowl and take another bowl with halfway of clean water. Now, you can add tiny drops of shampoo into the clean water bowl. At last, you can add your urine sample in a bowl and watch the changes.

Test results

Positive- If there is any foam or froth creation in shampoo solution after adding urine sample; it must be taken as positive sign of pregnancy.

Negative- If there is no froth discovered, it is likely to be negative sign.

Baking soda pregnancy test

Regarding pregnancy, the baking soda can assist you any doubts. The baking soda is the pregnancy test for early detection at home, which is ultimately easy to conduct. You can take two table spoons of baking soda in a cup and then add morning urine sample to this cup and then watch out the results.

Test results

Positive- If this mixture bubbles up, then it is a positive sign.

Negative- If the baking soda settles down and does not react with urine, then it is negative.

Bleaching powder pregnancy test

Bleaching powder is a powerful oxidizing agent that can be commonly used for removing stains, washing clothes and many other routine tasks. This powder can also be used for pregnancy test at home. First, you take a tiny amount of bleach powder in a fresh container and then add sample urine into it and then watch the chemical reaction solutions.

Test results

Positive- If this mixture begins exploit a good amount of bubbles, fumes or gas, it indicates that woman is pregnant.

Negative- If there is no reaction in the mixture, then the test result is negative.

Soap pregnancy test

In order to check pregnancy at home, the bathroom soap that you can use on a routine basis can be simply used. All you need to do is simply placing a tiny piece of soap in a fresh bowl and then add first morning sample into it. Let you wait for around 5 minutes to watch the result.

Test results

Positive- If you watch a formation of foam and froth, this confirms the women are pregnant.

Negative- If there is no reaction with soap, then the result is negative, i.e. non-pregnant.


Therefore, the best pregnancy test for early detection at home is not only safe, fast and affordable, but also they are simply accessible, when the items are within a reach in your home. At the initial happening of possible symptoms such as fatigue, delayed menstrual cycle or mood swings, you can simply consider the above listed ingredients to confirm your pregnancy early in a careful and a reliable way. However, all the home pregnancy tests explained are found to be greatly efficient and the outcomes of these tests are very simple to do so. If the results are positive, then you are pregnant and it is highly recommended you to consult doctors to confirm it accurately.