November 25, 2020
How to Take Care of & Nourish Hair Safely for Pregnancy

How to Take Care of & Nourish Hair Safely for Pregnancy

The pregnancy period under the influence of hormones that the mother’s body will have many changes, one of the most noticeable changes is the hair. Some people, when pregnant, their hair becomes sleeker and thicker, but for others, the hair becomes dry and brittle, making many pregnant women worry.

Take care to overcome bad hair in pregnancy

Adapts to hair changes

When pregnant, under the influence of hormones, the pregnant mother’s hair also changes. For example, if the hair is naturally slightly curly, it can become straight. It is important to take care of the hair and try to accommodate any changes. This is much easier than trying to resist these changes.

Diet science

During pregnancy the diet greatly affects the health of the hair. The baby absorbs a large amount of nutrients from the mother, so many pregnant mothers feel weaker than usual, and their skin and hair are not as healthy as normal. So, make sure you eat a healthy diet. Eat more starches, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. In addition, lean meat, eggs, and milk provide a lot of protein that nourishes the hair.

Don’t forget to add vitamins during pregnancy

Multivitamins are not only good for the health of the mother, supplementing nutrients for the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy, but it also helps to make hair grow faster and stronger.

Therefore, mothers should regularly supplement multivitamins during pregnancy to increase health and keep hair healthy.

Change hairstyles suitable, neat

While pregnant, you will not be able to take care of your hair as thoroughly as before. And after the baby is born, you don’t even have much time to do it. Therefore, you should choose a hairstyle that is really simple and easy to take care of.

Steam hot oil periodically to care for your hair

One of the ways to increase moisture in hair is to steam hot oils. This will keep the hair from drying out, getting frayed, and split ends.

Moreover, this method is also very simple and does not harm the health of the fetus. Note that when choosing a steaming oil, you should choose natural and gentle oils such as almonds, olives.

Overcome hair loss during pregnancy

This hair loss usually starts when you are 1-1.5 months pregnant, and ends within 1 year of the baby’s birth. If your hair loss is not normal, you may be deficient in vitamins, minerals or have another medical condition, then you should see your doctor.

To reduce hair loss you should increase the intake of green vegetables and fruits, foods rich in vitamins. These foods are not only good for the development of the fetus, but they also provide many essential nutrients for your hair, making it stronger.

If possible, (with the consent of the doctor) mothers can add vitamins B, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc to help enhance the vitality of your hair. strong, shiny and doesn’t break off.

It is also important to note that when choosing a shampoo, you may use one shampoo regularly, but you can change and choose one that contains ingredients like biotin or silica.

Use a thin comb and avoid brushing wet hair

Hair should be steamed once a week, to limit dry hair. And choose oils made from almond or olive oil for the best results. At the same time, each time you wash your hair, you should gently dry your hair, limit the use of combs while your hair is still wet.

Taking care of your hair from the inside to make it beautiful and healthy again is the way we want to go. However, it should be noted that in order to keep your hair shiny, after following the above methods, you should also stay away from harmful chemicals related to your hair so as not to affect the quality. My hair is like the baby in my belly, at least during my pregnancy. So what are the things to avoid with hair during pregnancy?

Hair practices to avoid during pregnancy

Hair dye

Are you going to change your hair color? If so, it’s best to pause it for a while after the baby is born. Although there are controversial opinions about the safety of hair dyes for the fetus and according to obstetricians, it is possible to dye hair after the first three months of pregnancy, but it is best to consider it carefully.

Most pregnant women who want to change their hair color often use natural dyes from henna. This may also be a safe solution for you.

Curling hair

Doctors believe that during pregnancy, the mother’s body has a new close connection with the fetal body, what the mother accidentally eats, inhales or comes into contact with can all affect the baby. Meanwhile, beauty chemicals such as curlers may contain ingredients that are sensitive to health by skin contact or have toxic odors if inhaled.

During the first 3 months, the mother’s resistance is not high, the body is undergoing many complicated physiological and psychological changes, the fetus is in the stage of formation and is not stable, so special needs are needed. Attention, absolutely avoid contact with chemicals, to ensure your child has the best health background.

This means that, after 6 months of pregnancy, women can have their hair curled if they feel it is necessary. However, this job is still discouraged. Although it is possible that many pregnant mothers still go for beauty treatments and hair dyes that their babies are born with, they are still healthy, but each person’s condition and health status are different, and doctors always give advice. choose the safest option, minimize chemical exposure.


Straightening method is indeed a great beautifying method for fluffy and coarse hair, however, be careful if you are pregnant. The products used in this therapy are high in formaldehyde, a chemical that is dangerous to human health, especially during pregnancy which also affects the baby.

In general, hair care is inadequate, constantly changing hairstyles with high frequency chemicals will bring unpredictable dangers. Using beauty pills for hair of unknown origin can cause cancer for women, while those who are pregnant can cause miscarriage and teratogenicity.

The need for beauty is increasing, but cosmetic quality checks for hair are still left open, so it is best to take measures to protect yourself and your baby during pregnancy.

Thus, it can be seen that the period of pregnancy causes women’s hair to largely change, if your hair becomes more dry, don’t forget to apply the tips that we guide above. It will help you become a confident, healthy pregnant woman and still have beautiful hair even without using harmful chemicals for the hair and health of your mother and baby during pregnancy.